Loyalty and the Ministry


How does loyalty affect my ministry or work?



These are a few reasons why every minister should have loyal and dedicated people.

1. To have a large and successful ministerial team

One man can only do so much. One pastor can only be at one place at a time. He can only minister until his strength (which is limited) is exhausted.

Because of this, anyone who wants to extend his ministry and bear much fruit has to learn to work with many other people. 

These people are the team that we are  talking about. However, it would be better to work alone than with a team of disloyal, disgruntled, disunited and disaffected people. In fact, it is not possible to have an effective team with such people. Many successful pastors have only been able to do as much as they have done because of the team with whom they work.

 2. To have a mega church

Churches with branches all over the world are able to do so because of the loyal people they work with.

You see, much of the system depends on loyalty. The churches are pastored by ministers who are loyal to the Lord, to head pastor and to the church's vision.

Without loyalty every network or denomination of churches constantly undergoes disintegration. They frequently divide into splinter groups and smaller sub-churches.

There is a story of a branch church that disintegrated because of disunity. Some longstanding seeds of disloyalty manifested shortly after a fundraising event in the local church.

As a result of this disagreement, the pastor decided to resign and start his own church. He was so angry that he returned all the monies he had raised. The church members of course were very surprised that the money they had given to the church was being returned.

This pastor spread many bad stories about his denomination and its senior ministers. Naturally, this church virtually disintegrated following the pastor's actions.

Dear friend, we can give you story after story of why churches (especially branch churches in big cities) constantly divide and break off. What we can say for sure is that without principled and loyal pastors, the ministry of our Lord will always be limited.

3. To have a long-lasting ministry

One person has only a few years of practical and effective ministry. Jesus only ministered for three and a half years but he extended his ministry and his influence through an effective and loyal team. Notice that Jesus' ministry has branched out into the whole world and has spanned almost two thousand years.


4. In order to reap our full reward

Those who benefit from the blessings of success are the faithful and loyal ones. One day, we all hope to hear those famous words: "Well done, good and faithful servant." Those who stick with you through difficult times are different from those who come in when everything is working well.

Well Done!

Jesus himself told His twelve disciples that they would be treated differently from any other famous minister. They would have a special kingdom and their names would even be written on the foundations of the New Jerusalem.

And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles...

Revelation 21:14

Even the great men of God we know today will not qualify for this special reward. Jesus gave a reason for this special reward - they had been loyal to Him through the most difficult part of His ministry.

 Ye are they which have continued with me in my temptations...I appoint unto you a kingdom...

Luke 22:28,29

You see, loyalty is most appreciated in hard times. In the good times everybody seems loyal.

Be a loyal person so that you can have great growth in your business or ministry. Be a loyal person so that you can have God's favour over all that you set your hand to do.

May you one day hear those coveted words, "Well done, good and faithful (loyal) servant." May you experience the good fruits and benefits that belong to every faithful Christian.